Healing Shame

"Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed, and therefore unworthy of love and belonging." - Brene Brown

Healing Toxic Shame

What is Shame?

Ever been in the midst of an encounter with a partner, boss or parent and suddenly you were paralyzed? Face hot, heart racing, struck dumb? Unsure if it was a panic attack, too much caffeine or simply that you are unfit to interact with the world? You are not alone.  You may be experiencing toxic shame.

Nothing can keep us from the relationships we want - with ourselves, others and spirit - more than shame.  

 Shame impairs our ability to think, respond, and act in healthy ways, and relate to others the way we wish to.  It cuts us off from our soul and reduces us to our smallest self.

Healing toxic shame

What Shame Can Look Like

Feeling stuck

Mental fog, physical numbness, panic attacks or anxiety

Lack of motivation, apathy or inability to begin/complete tasks 

Anger, perfectionism, criticism, withdrawal/isolation, denial, and depression.

Spiritual barriers: excessive guilt

Addictions and avoidance behaviors (drugs, alcohol, television, shopping, gaming, etc.)

Low self-esteem; feelings of failure


Underemployed; feeling undervalued and unappreciated

        among others...


Shame Shifting

HEALING SHAME IS POSSIBLE... The emotion of shame requires specific, counter-shaming healing techniques: with a therapist who is trained specifically to create a safe space, and assist you in gently unpacking shame from a host of other emotions. 

This is done gently, lovingly, and from multiple angles.

I am certified in the Rubins/Lyon Method of Healing Shame, a year long, in-depth study of addressing and shifting shame.  Personally, there is not another element in my life that has impeded my spiritual and personal growth more than toxic shame, and healing it has brought light and life back into my being. 

Get started healing shame today!