Client Testimonials

A Struggling Marriage

"Since we started working with Christie, our relationship has deepened become more enriched.  Where there was distrust and feelings of being misunderstood and unsupported, now there is respect, understanding and care.  We were given the chance to work through our own issues so that we could have more compassion for the other.  My husband and I are able to have light-hearted fun together again, and are grateful for the chance to evolve in our spiritual practices together.  Christie lead us through our communication in such a graceful and impactful way, and without her guidance we could’ve been going in circles over the same underlying issue for a long time.  Christie’s intuition is spot on and cuts through the “junk” so that we can have a discussion on a different level. Her ability to navigate is really amazing.  We are so grateful for her."

- Marie S.

Healing a Fear of Flying

"Christie Batt is very professional and an amazing therapist. For the past 10 years I was afraid of flying. I tried many different therapies and did not have the same results as my past life regression with Christie. She helped me to heal. Now I can take a 12-hour flight. It is a very liberating feeling. I am so thankful for having met Christie and would recommend her therapy sessions to anyone."

 - C.B.

Support in Difficult Times

"Christie Batt is an amazing coach.  I have worked with her for a number of sessions.  Christie's coaching has gotten me through the most difficult times of my marriage and my self-growth.  She is professional, insightful and intuitive.  The space she holds is healing and allows you to be open, share from your heart and receive the gold in her words.  I have healed a number of my past life issues during two Past Life Regression sessions with Christie.  You will get 150% of her when you work with her.  I recommend Christie Batt and White Lotus Relationship Coaching wholeheartedly." 

- Z.M.

Seeing Our Beauty

"Christie has helped me to awaken to my greatest potential and see my beauty during a very transformative time in my life. She is a blessing."